23. The Run, Seneca Wallace

Ashley Hunt

Iowa State’s Homecoming game win against Texas Tech is perhaps the most memorable homecoming game in ISU history.

Iowa State won 31-17 against the Texas Tech Raiders.

And quarterback Seneca Wallace had an unforgettable play in the third quarter.

Known as “The Run,” Wallace zigzagged a run totaling 135 yards on a 12-yard touchdown.

“The Run” put Wallace as a front runner for the Heisman trophy and continues to be one of the most amazing, well-known plays in ISU history.

Cyclones.com reports a transcript of the famous dash, as said by former “Voice of the Cyclones” Pete Taylor.

“Here’s Wallace, pumping, looking, running to his right, looking … and he’s going to be almost caught.

Now he’s running at the 25 … and runs … down the sideline back to the 10! 

Now he’s giving ground … goes around the 10 to the left side … to the 5 … touchdown! Oh my goodness. 

What a run by Wallace!”