4. Homecoming Dance, a lost tradition

Ashley Hunt

The Homecoming Dance

The annual Homecoming dance began as a tradition with the very first Homecoming in 1912. 

Win or lose, students would get together after the football game to celebrate the week as a whole. 

In the 30s, the dance was one of ISU’s most festive and exciting events. The dance was sponsored by the Pep Club, and tickets were sold by club members. 

During the dance, more than 4,000 students attended to dance the night away. Also during the dance, students could listen to a live band and find out the winner of the Homecoming Queen contest as well as the lawn display winner.

One year, the dance was so popular among students, music was piped from the Memorial Union to the State Gymnasium to accomodate the hundreds of couples who wanted to attend.

The dances featured live bands each year, and in 1950 famous Louis Armstrong and his band were the entertainment. 

However, the Homecoming dances decreased in popularity and is no longer part of the Iowa State Homecoming festivities.