LETTERS: Ability to understand needed to move forward

Anne Kinzel

I am pleased to support Mike Miller for the at-large position on the Ames City Council.

The at-large position is a special one. The person who holds this seat has to be comfortable in his or her skin and able to understand another’s position even if he or she doesn’t agree with it.

I think there is only one candidate in this race who fits that description, and that’s Mike Miller. Mike respects people, whether they agree with him or not. That quality allows him to lead gracefully, bend when necessary, and always to listen to multiple voices so that he can learn from them.

Ames is, for a small city, made up of a lot of different constituencies. I think Mike has the drive, the knowledge and an innate sense of fairness, earned as a small business person and community volunteer, needed to serve all of Ames’ residents. Please vote for Mike on Nov. 3 and help move our city forward.

— Anne Kinzel is an Ames resident