Cleansing needed for Missionaries’ filth

Blaine Moyle

What most people don’t seem to understand about the “clean-up” done by pro-choice supporters is that it wasn’t an attempt to quash the free speech by the pro-life movement, rather it was cleaning up the filth the “Missionaries to the Preborn” brought to our campus.

Not only were the images of babies out of line but so were the words they brought.

Shouts of “whore, slut and Nazi” may be protected by freedom of speech but have no place in civilized society when targeting a student whose only crime was standing up for her rights.

Ms. Gable’s April 9 letter, “No cleansing needed,” misses the mark by a mile on this point.

It was the pro-life group shouting their profanities and their opposition who were trying to do the silencing.

For those that defend the pictures as “truth,” I say take a look at other pictures of the “truth.”

Pornography is the truth about what people really look like without clothes.

Pictures of surgery can turn a person’s stomach; should we be forced to look at pictures of that as well before having surgery?

It seems far too many people are allowing their political and religious beliefs to color their view of the “truth,” while condemning others with their skewed perceptions.

Blaine Moyle