Penises abound

Blaine Moyle

I was so offended after seeing the Feb. 22 issue of High Note.On the cover, I saw nothing but phalluses in men’s mouths. Each male in the picture has one in his mouth, or very near it. How can the imagery be missed by anyone who sees it?And then there is the woman who is being degraded by having an even larger phallus in her hand, which she is apparently stroking. I think the Daily owes me and everyone on campus an apology for having to view this.Some people on campus obviously need to grow up. I don’t know why the Daily apologized to anyone for the picture last week. They did nothing wrong. If the “Vagina Monologues” had been called off, so much the better for this campus. The last thing we need is another group of people that can’t get a grip.Blaine Moyle