Women Impacting ISU Calendar Ceremony

Laura Bestler, program coordinator II at the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, accepts a certificate for being a Women Impacting ISU 2019 calendar honoree. Bestler was recognized under the words “problem solver” as she works with students and faculty across campus. The Women Impacting ISU 2019 calendar was debuted at the end of a reception held to honor those selected to represent Iowa State in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union on Jan. 16. Free copies of the calendar were distributed following the event.

Macy Ott

The Women Impacting Iowa State held their annual calendar reception at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union.

Each January, the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women and Politics hosts an unveiling celebration to publicly honor the women represented on the calendar. This is the 13th ceremony put on by the organization.

The ceremony began with a welcome and introduction of the event, and led to the introduction of the honorees. This year’s nominees are: Ihssan Ait Boucherbil, Laura Bestler, Tia Carter, Carmen Flagge, Connie Hargrave, Brenda Jones, Linda Marticke, Michelle Roling, Mayly Sanchez, Zoey Shipley, Amy Slagell and Denise Williams-Klotz.

Among this year’s honorees was a crowd filled with past honored women. The 12 women added to the calendar this year now bring the total of inducted women to 156. Also among the honorees were several students and faculty from across Iowa State.

“It’s cool to see people who have impacted Iowa State and to see them get the recognition they deserve,” said Michael Roozeboom, junior in hospitality management.

Ihssan Ait Boucherbil, senior in chemistry, was among the nominees of the calendar, representing the month of January.

“When I was a freshman I had a Cyclone Aide who I looked up to, and who was nominated to the calendar. I remember seeing her and being so inspired,” Ait Boucherbil said. “When I found out I was nominated, I felt like it all came full circle. All the things I had been working towards were recognized. It means so much to me, and I don’t feel worthy. I hope I inspire someone, just like my Cyclone Aide inspired me.” 

The Catt Center first started the initiative in 2007 as a tribute to current students, faculty and staff who distinguished themselves through their accomplishments at Iowa State.

Those nominated are said to represent everything that Iowa State stands for. Next to every woman’s picture on the calendar is a word that embodies them. Some of these words include, “unifying,” “problem solver,” “inspiring,” “unwavering” and “empowering.”

Every year, puts together a panel of 14 people who sort through the nomination submissions. The committee selects 12 women who have been nominated by their peers to be represented on the calendar.

The poster-size calendar shows the honorees along with a short description of their achievements. The poster puts special emphasis on the role these women play at Iowa State University and how their contributions have positively affected those around them.