Disney World hopefuls apply online

Abbie Moeller

The kid-at-heart who loves going to Walt Disney World may be able to live out childhood dreams with the help of a new on-line career service at www.disney.com/DisneyCareers.

The perfect career with any of the numerous Disney businesses can be found by entering a career field — anything from accounting to animation — and a geographic location. Up to 75 job descriptions and links come up tailored to the information provided by the job hunter.

The new site was posted because of a “lot of interest in Disney jobs and a lot of jobs available,” said Diane Passarelli, the public relations manager for Disney On-line.

This service is helpful for both Disney companies and prospective employees, Passarelli said. Disney is able to get a broader base of applicants by using the vast number of people who access the Disney site, www.disney.com, and job hunters can see how many diverse jobs are available through Disney and submit one resume to several locations at once.

Applicants are able to see all of their options with the Disney companies in one place and know the information is current and direct from the company.

Passarelli said the site “allows us to go directly to the job applicant without a third party.” She said this gives a more personal feel to the huge Walt Disney Company, which encompasses not only the theme parks but also stores, resorts and entertainment.

Besides listings for auditions for performers at the theme parks, many jobs ranging from secretaries to imagineering (Disney’s term for creative engineering) are listed in the Web site with job descriptions and contact information.

For the aspiring performer, there are listings of upcoming auditions, as well as the specific characters needed, such as Pocahontas, Mowgli and Baloo. These character descriptions are complete with the expected dancing, singing and acting requirements and also include details on the physical and personality characteristics that are required.

There also are listings for jobs in areas such as accounting, advertising, production and hospitality for people with a variety of degrees and backgrounds.

Passarelli said the site is especially helpful to new graduates or other people who are not sure what they want to do. She said providing vast amounts of information on many different jobs exposes people to occupations they may not have been aware of.

Along with the job postings and resume tips and submissions, Disney Careers has a question and answer section with valuable information.