2020 holiday gift guide: What to gift your dad


Seeing your face on a piece of toast will make anyone’s holiday a little more magical.

Sydney Novak

Holiday shopping for your dad can be difficult when he insists he doesn’t want or need anything. This may be true, but these gift ideas will not disappoint.  

Breakfast-themed gift inspiration

  1. Toaster art isn’t something you think of as being integral to breakfast, but once you have it, you won’t be able to get enough. This one is especially fun because you can put your dad’s selfie on it. Totally his jam.

  2. This portable espresso maker is a great gift for anyone who camps, hikes or is just on the go. The thermos comes with its own little espresso cup and is compatible with Nespresso capsules. Available on Amazon for $50.

  3. The infamous “Christmas Vacation” moose mug Cousin Eddie is known for sipping out of is available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $15. This is a gift that will make anyone smile.

Outdoor gifts

  1. These tennis shoes are perfect for guys who prefer sneakers. They are made to look like oxfords but are actually comfortable enough to run or work out in. They are a little on the expensive side at $120.

  2. This apron is perfect for the man who loves to grill. For $23 you can customize it to say your dad’s name and be a conversation starter at the next neighborhood cookout.

  3. If your dad loves camping and the great outdoors, give him these camping tools. This is a more expensive gift but here is why. This is a wood burning electricity generating phone charger and camp stove. Yes, $150 is a lot to spend, but this gift is something your dad will appreciate. 

Functional gifts 

  1. If your dad doesn’t have a pair of wireless headphones, it might be time to get him some. Although this is a really useful gift, make it a bit more thoughtful by creating him a personalized playlist.   

  2. Fog wipes. If your father wears glasses and complains about fog in the winter (or when wearing a mask!) check out these fog wipes. Five wipes cost $17, but the effectiveness is long lasting and they have great reviews. 

  3. Dads are notorious for misplacing their phone that is almost dead and losing their keys in their jean pockets. Try to eliminate this issue with this phone charging tray. All he needs to do is set his phone, wallet and keys right on this tray when he gets home and his phone will start to charge.

Gifts he will have fun with 

  1. Have you ever looked at your dad and thought, “you need a phone controlled paper airplane?” Well you are in luck. This $50 gift is great for little kids and the young at heart. Apologies to his co-workers in advance. 

  2. You can never have too much office flare, and a personalized bobblehead is a hilarious gift. This will take a little longer to ship because it is personalized so be sure to order in advance.

  3. If your dad fangirls as much as you do about his favorite TV shows, movies or bands, get him a graphic T-shirt of his fave. Walmart always has a variety of T-shirts available, usually for less than $15.

This season, give your dad a gift he will love to use, wear or eat and keep it within your budget. Remember the easiest way to make the holidays special is by spending time with your family.