BTS and Lady Gaga made their marks on the 35th Annual MTV Video Music Awards


Popular K-pop band BTS made their debut at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Nyamal Gatluak

The 35th Annual MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) hosted by Keke Palmer endured among safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. The night opened with remarks about police brutality, Black Lives Matter and a tribute from Keke Palmer to the late Chadwick Boseman, who died Friday night from colon cancer. 

“Before we get into the music tonight, we need to take the time to talk about the devastating loss of Chadwick Boseman,” Palmer said. “An actor whose talent and passion is a true inspiration to all the fans he touched and everyone he encountered.” 

Later that night, rappers Juice WRLD and Pop Smoke, along with many other influential artists who passed within the last year, were honored.

One of the headliners of the night was Lady Gaga, who earned multiple awards.

“Lady Gaga is in a class of her own,” said Bella Hadid as she presented Lady Gaga the first-ever MTV Tricon Award. The icon ended the night with four awards for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Collaboration and Best Cinematography. She performed a melody of “Chromatica II,” “911,” “Stupid Love” and was later joined by Ariana Grande for their hit single “Rain On Me.”

The seven-member K-pop boy group BTS also had a successful night after taking home four awards at their first-ever VMAs. They won the awards for Best Pop, Best K-Pop and Best Choreography for their song “On,” along with Best Group. BTS also performed their record-breaking single, “Dynamite,” for their first-ever MTV Video Music Awards performance.

Similar to the music video, the performance gave a retro feel as the members performed in front of the New York skyline, styled in suits and ties with slicked hair.

This year’s VMAs was far from typical and not what was expected with little-to-no live audience, but lively skits by Keke Palmer along with the increased creativity with lifelike CGI backgrounds made this year’s VMAs one to remember.