Seasons hosts Cinema night

Ryan Pattee

Seasons marketplace held a cinema themed dinner this Monday in order to encourage students to stay on campus.

Seasons decorated the area with various items and decorations which represented the wonderful world of cinema. Actors names and famous movies were written on stars across the dining hall. Posters of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and The Incredibles II movies were put up on display. The large hanging light was wrapped in a foil film reel, as well as other various items across Seasons. The main highlight was the popcorn machine, which provided students with a complimentary cup from the Department of Residence, and a delicious popcorn treat.

Overall the event was relatively successful with a large number of students showing up to eat supper. With this the Department of Residence will hopefully have a large number of students interested in the Maple, Willow, Larch area.