College of Agriculture and Life Science: Rebecka Larson


Courtesy of Rebecka Larson

Rebecka Larson, a sophomore majoring in agriculture and society, is currently running for a College of Agriculture and Life Science senator in the upcoming student elections.

Biong Biong

Why do you want to join student government?

“To have a voice to be the voice for my constituents. To make changes on campus. To be able to look back in 20 years and be able to say I helped make a difference at Iowa State University.” 

What are your qualifications to join

  • Iowa State University Willow Hall President
  • Iowa State University Student Government Legislator Ambassador
  • Iowa State University Club Softball
  • Illinois Farm Bureau
  • Iowa State University Air Force ROTC
  • Iowa State University Agriculture and Society Club
  • American Conservation Coalition
  • Young Americans for Liberty
  • Iowa State University Student Gov. Residence Hall Senator               
  • Iowa State University Student Gov. Residence Hall Senator       

What are the biggest issues facing Iowa State?

Mental health, sexual assaults, student participation and better recycling methods 

How do you plan to address the aforementioned issues?

Advocate for the mental health training that was just released. 

Partner with Iowa State University police to combat the sexual assaults happening on campus  

More outreach, make students more aware that they have senators who can make real change here at Iowa State University.

Partner with Iowa State University dining to resolve the recycling dilemmas on campus specifically in dining halls.  

What were your biggest accomplishments in student government?

My biggest achievement in student government was becoming a resident hall senator and being able to be an effective voice for my constituents who live on campus and being able to sit in on the Inter-Residence Hall Association meetings and listen to residence hall councils.

Why do you feel as though you’re a right fit for the position?

I am a current senator and have had a year to learn how to become a more effective advocate for students and am now confident in the process of the senate and how Student Government operates.

How do you feel about student government performance last session?

I feel the last session we passed a lot of bills and made a lot of changes that will benefit all students at Iowa State, currently and in the future.

The Student Government elections will take place on March 1 and 2. Ballots will be emailed to students’ Iowa State email addresses.