Katy Perry, Bill Clinton rally for Hillary with a ‘Firework’ performance

President Bill Clinton showing his support for his wife Hillary Clinton at her rally before the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Des Moines on October 24th. 

Kelsey Palmros

DES MOINES, Iowa — Along with former President Bill Clinton, pop star Katy Perry rallied thousands of supporters for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in Des Moines on Saturday.

The former president and Perry endorsed Hillary at the rally preceding the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner Saturday. The rally took place in downtown Des Moines outside on the south side of Hy-Vee Hall.

The rally kicked off with Clinton campaign organizers speaking on behalf of Hillary and sharing personal stories. Bill joined organizers on stage to speak on Hillary’s behalf as well as introduce Perry.

“I think I’ll vote for her,” the former president said to some laughs.

Bill spoke about his wife’s political history and highlighted points in her policy that, in his opinion, would make her a good president.

“You are hiring a president to do the big things,” he said.

During Bill’s speech, an animal rights protester jumped on stage. The former president asked the protester to remove himself from the stage and continued on with his endorsement.

Police officials quickly escorted the protester from the event. 

In addition to the protester jumping on stage, a plane flew by several times promoting presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Clinton campaign volunteers motivated the crowd by chanting “Hill yes,” and Perry took the stage, opening with her song ‘Roar.’

After the song, Perry talked to younger members of the audience, asking who had recently turned 18 years old.

“Are you going to go and vote because you know you have the power, right?” Perry asked.

Perry endorsed Hillary by speaking about the need for a female president and change.

“I stand and I march with Hilary,” Perry said before leading into singing part of the National Anthem. Perry ended her time on stage with her song ‘Firework.’

Hillary joined Perry on stage for a few words as well.

The two embraced in a hug with Bill reappearing on stage.

Hillary supporters later led a march from the rally area to the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Andrew Haile, a Clinton supporter and recent college graduate, participated in the march as a campaign volunteer.

“For me, I am a [Hillary] Clinton supporter because I am just out of college and have student debt,” Haile said.

Haile attended the rally and was excited Perry endorsed Hillary.

“I think it’s great. I mean I am a huge Katy Perry fan,” Haile said.

Scott Genzink, another Clinton supporter, talked about how his brother’s diagnosis of diabetes influenced his support for Hillary.

“I realized she is someone who would protect people like my brother,” Genzink said.

Genzink and Haile both participated in the march to the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, which featured Hillary, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.