ISU soccer stays positive looking forward

Trey Alessio

For the ISU soccer team to have made the Big 12 tournament, it needed a win over Kansas or Texas Tech this past weekend. That didn’t happen, but Cyclones are still staying positive and looking toward the future.

Iowa State plays TCU on Oct. 31 for senior night. It hopes to send the seniors out victoriously and end on a good note moving forward for next year’s returning players.

ISU coach Tony Minatta said his message to the team going into the TCU game is to just leave everything out on the field.

“If you’re a senior, this is the last chance you get to take the field in a uniform, go out and compete after four years,” Minatta said. “It’s kind of an emotional night. For the freshmen, sophomores and juniors that are going to be out there, this is a lasting impression in our minds going into the spring about what we’re trying to do to build for the future.”

Iowa State will be recognizing six seniors on Friday night. Many of the underclassmen want to give their best effort to send those six out on a good note.

“You want to do all you can for your seniors,” said sophomore Koree Willer. “You want them to go out on a good note, so there’s that added bit that it’s their last game, but I definitely think we’re going to go out there with the same mentality.”

That mentality has been the same all year — play to the standard that Iowa State has created for themselves.

Minatta said the Texas Tech game was the anomaly of what they have done throughout the entire year. Cyclones lost 6-1 against the No. 19 ranked Red Raiders on Oct. 26.

“We don’t want that to be the lasting impression in their minds,” Minatta said. “They want to go out, play hard and compete because we’ve competed with every team we’ve played with this year with the exception of [Texas Tech].”

Sophomore Madi Ott said the TCU game is a chance for Iowa State to prove that some of the things that happened in the Big 12 games this season don’t truly reflect the team’s real ability.

“I think we have so much potential, and I have a lot of hope for the future of our team,” said Ott. “I think going in and getting a solid win would do a lot to boost our program up.”

The expectation for the Cyclones against the Horned Frogs is just to play their style — getting off shots, flying at the opponent and playing with confidence.

Minatta said he expects the team to just go out and compete.

“When the whistle blows, I want to see that we go out, we compete and we’re trying to win the ball,” Minatta said.

Iowa State will take on TCU at 7 p.m. on Oct. 31 at the Cyclone Sports Complex.