Tim Gunn to visit Des Moines to give fashion lecture

Miranda Pollitt

Fashion is arriving in the Des Moines area in the coming days. There are events coming up that anyone interested in fashion would not want to miss.

On Sept. 17, Drake University in Des Moines will be holding a lecture featuring Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn is most known for being the host of “Project Runway.” However, some say Gunn has made a huge impact on the fashion industry in his professional career as well as on television.

Gunn is known in both the fashion and entertainment industries. Besides hosting “Project Runway,” he has covered red carpet events, written for many magazines and has his own book, “A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style.”

Erica Hartschen, coordinator of the president’s office at Drake University, mentioned a few things Gunn will be sharing at his upcoming lecture.

“Tim will be sharing during his presentation a glimpse into his life, career and always his personal sense of style,” Hartschen said.

The lecture is at 7 p.m. Sept. 17 at Drake University’s Knapp Center. The lecture committee, along with Hartschen, urged anyone who is a die-hard “Project Runway” fan or is interested in hearing about the fashion industry to attend the lecture.

Gunn will also be signing books and giving autographs for 45 minutes after the lecture for those who are interested.

In addition to Gunn’s lecture, the Des Moines Art Center is hosting an exhibit featuring the work of designer Roy Halston and artist Andy Warhol. The exhibit features a variety of works from art to apparel from both men.

Halston is a native Iowan and fashion designer who made it big in the industry. Halston is well-known for his fashionable hats, specifically the pillbox hat created for Jacqueline Kennedy to wear to her husband’s presidential inauguration in 1961. The exhibit showcases the relationship between artist Warhol and the renowned fashion designer Halston.

The Halston and Warhol exhibit opens Sept. 19 and will run until January 18 at the Anna K. Meredith Gallery in Des Moines.

Both opportunities to be exposed to the fashion industry are free to the public.