Wet conditions may close grass tailgating lots


Photo: Iowa State Daily

Tailgaters packed the lots for the season opener in Ames. Iowa State defeated Tulsa 38-23 on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2013, at Jack Trice Stadium.

Beau Berkley

Because of persistent rainfall, the grass tailgating lots to the south and east of University Boulevard may be closed Aug. 30, athletic officials said. 

On Thursday, Athletic Director Jamie Pollard tweeted, “Grass parking lots for [Aug. 30] may not be available due to rain.”

Chris Jorgensen, senior associate athletic director, said they will continue to evaluate the condition of the lots as well as monitor the forecast before Iowa State’s 11 a.m. kickoff against North Dakota State. 

“I think we felt we needed to get some communication out today just to make sure people are aware of the situation,” Jorgensen said. 

Standing water and soft ground will be factors in their decision to keep the lots open, Jorgensen said, as well as how vehicles will affect the wet ground. 

“When you drive on a wet dirt parking lot you have the potential of creating ruts and divots that people could step in for the remaining six games on the schedule,” Jorgensen said. “We certainly don’t want to create that situation.”

Athletic officials are working on alternative plans in the event that the lots must be closed, Jorgensen said. The information would be released to the public if the decision to close the lots is made. 

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