Max Ames Music Festival

Celeste Welshhons

Maximum Ames Records is a busy place this time of year. Its big festival, Maximum Ames Music Festival, will be Sept. 25 to 28. Advance passes for the show were sold out in only a few hours, but tickets are again on sale through the festival’s website.

Passes for all ages are $30 and passes for the whole festival are $50. Tickets are also available for individual shows. Additionally, the festival will be collaborating with the Octagon Arts Festival which will also be Sept. 28.

This will be the first fully walkable festival. All shows will take place in downtown Ames. There will be more than 16 bands in attendance including Low, William Elliott Whitmore, Gloom Balloon and Doctor Murdock. For a full list of bands and other important information, visit the festival website:

Keep checking the Maximum Ames Music Festival website for more news and updates.