Prepare your wardrobe for Iowa weather

Rachel Geronimo

With Iowa’s well-known crazy weather, there is no surprise when we find ourselves wearing snow boots one day and flips-flops the next. Whether you’re moving from a small town or big city, it is a good idea to set a plan on what to pack throughout your years of living here.

Here is a look at what the weather is typically like in Iowa during certain months to help you plan which clothes to bring.

August through October

Sunshine and sun rays! Iowa’s weather during these months are full of warmth, so prepare yourself by packing lightweight fabrics that will easily help you maneuver through your long, activity-filled days.

November through February

Brace yourself for those cool breezes because it’s going to be a long winter. During these months, be mentally prepared to take any surprises Mother Nature has to offer from ice-cold rain to hail or even to a massive snow storm. Keep in mind not to pack minimally on your warm clothes. A warm coat, snow boots and winter gloves are critical for this time of year.

March through May

For Iowa, Mother Nature does everything she can to throw unexpected weather your way. Spring is still in its hibernation and it will take a long time until sunshine and nice weather comes along. April is known for its rain showers, so pack your rain boots and umbrella because it could be a long month of pouring rain. By the end of April, salvation comes along and out comes the sun again.

June through July

During these months, you can expect hot summers and high heat. Cool yourself by wearing your go-to summer apparel and protect yourself with some sun screen, because beautiful weather is around the corner every day. During this summer season, make sure to have comfortable and breathable shoes for those summer activities you’re bound to do.