New Band Coming to Ames


Courtesy Photo from Lily and Tigers

Lily and the Tigers, Adam Mincey, left, Jared Pepper, center, and Casey Hood, right, will be playing DG’s Taphouse at 9 p.m. May 3.

Kendall Evans

Lily and the Tigers, a brand new band to the Ames music scene, will be preforming at 9 p.m. on May 3 at DG’s Taphouse.

“This will be the first time that Lily and the Tigers will be in Ames and even this part of the country,” said Casey Hood, main vocalist for Lily and the Tigers.

Lily and the Tigers became a band five years ago when Hood meet Adam Mincey, the band’s bass player, at a pool hall through mutual friends, Hood said.

“Once I heard her sing, I knew instantly I had to be in a band with her,” Mincey said.

Jared Pepper, the guitar player for the band, was added one year later.

“The chemistry was just … right, and I could tell we all had the same creative vision for it,” Hood said.

Lily and the Tigers describe its music as having an indie-folk sound. Hood said that it uses a lot of wooden instruments and goes for more of an old-time sound. It pulls inspiration from artists like Billie Holiday, Hank Williams and Neil Young as well as Motown-styled music. Lily and the Tigers also pulls inspiration from nature for its music.

“We are really inspired by the outdoors,” Hood said.

Lily and the Tigers now has three albums. Its premier album “Sojourner” was a bedroom-recorded album with just Hood and Mincey. “Hiding ‘Til Dawn” was the band’s sophomore album, which was basically a live album. Hood said that the second album was recorded in one night. Its third album, “The Hand You Deal Yourself,” has just recently been released.

On Lily and the Tigers newest album, the band members tried to focus more on ways to compliment one another’s sound and really took their time on it, Hood said. The band camped out in the woods of Vermont while it recorded “The Hand You Deal Yourself.”

The nature and outdoor element is something important to the band.

“Even when we are touring and things like that we try and make hiking stops,” Hood said.

Lily and the Tigers is currently on tour and is very excited to come to Ames for the first time.