Red Green’s ‘How To Do Everything Tour’ comes to Stephens Auditorium


Courtesy of Rocklands Entertainment

Red Green is performing at 7 p.m. May 6 at Stephens Auditorium. Tickets can be bought online at Ticketmaster or at the north entrance of Stephens Auditorium

Nicole Presley

Known for his slightly husky voice and flannel shirt, Red Green gives advice on various topics in his show “How To Do Everything,” coming to Stephens Auditorium. 

Steve Smith, who plays the part of Red Green, created his character after seeing Red Fisher on a fishing show in Canada. Red Fisher thought that nothing could bore you said Smith. He found that interesting and decided to play on that. 

The character Red Green was originally created in 1979 when he shared a show with his wife called Smith & Smith. Later in 1991, Smith was able to portray Red Green in his TV show called “The Red Green Show.”

The show ran for 15 seasons after that, ending in 2006. 

“I didn’t end it because I wanted to retire, it ended because I just didn’t think that we could make it any better and most shows, when they hit that point, they do a couple extra years for the money and the shows are usually bad and it leaves the band with a bad taste,” Smith said. “So I didn’t really want to do that. I wanted to go out while we’re still doing good stuff and really enjoying what we were doing and not just milking it.”

“The Red Green Show” is about a handyman who gives do it yourself tips on various projects. Usually Red Green would work with duct tape.

The comedy sketch featured Red Green as the main character. Red Green and his pals demonstrated how to fix things and do outdoor activities.  Again, duct tape was the tool of choice. 

Smith said he thinks the show was received well because everyone has a Red Green in his or her family.

“I think they can relate … In most cases, particularly in the Midwest, it seems every family had a Red Green in it. Might be an uncle or a father or a brother or something. I say to people, if you don’t’ have a Red Green in your family it’s probably you,” Smith said.

After retirement Smith played a lot of golf. While playing golf with a Canadian publisher, the publisher told him that if he wanted to write a book in the voice of Red Green that he would publish anything Smith wanted to write. 

Smith said the offer was a complement and an offer he did not want to miss. Smith said he was afraid that if he said no the publisher might not have asked again.

“You know there’s another part that surprised me, which was, if you’re a creative person the creative part of you never retires, or at least it hasn’t’ yet. It it’s not like I stopped working,” Smith said.

After Smith wrote his book “How To Do Everything: (From the Man who Should Know: Red Green)” he said he had to do a book tour. Instead of doing a book tour, Smith wanted to expand and do a one-man show to promote his book and give him something that he’s never done before.

It had been seven years since he had stopped the show when he went on his first tour. This is Smith’s second year touring the U.S. 

Smith uses parts of this book and parts of his newer book, “Red Green’s Guide to Women: (For Men Who Don’t Read Instructions)” in his show.

In this tour, Smith said he will explain for the first time ever why Red Green uses duct tape for everything.

Smith said his entertainment is different from other stand up comedy because it’s not obscene or angry, but like entertainment from the 1950s with color.

“The Red Green Show” has a channel on YouTube called RedGreenTV with all 300 episodes and a Facebook page.

Smith said the most rewarding thing about his career as Red Green is the connection with the fans.

 A woman brought her father to Smith’s show as a birthday present and emailed Smith later saying that on the way to their car her father said this is the best birthday present he’s had his whole life.

Another man in his mid twenties told Smith, “You make me look forward to getting old.”

“The connection with the fans is really the whole deal,” Smith said concerning the reactions from the audience. 

Red Green’s How to Do Everything Tour will end May 15.

Red Green will perform at 7 p.m. May 6 at Stephens Auditorium. Tickets can be bought online at Ticketmaster or at the north entrance of Stephens Auditorium.