David Cook Live @ Veishea


Courtesy of David Cook

David Cook will perform at LIVE@VEISHEA on April 11 Timeflies, Andy Grammer, Down With Webster, Paradise Fears and Luke Christopher.

Cj Eilers

Long before the nationwide tours, the record deal and winning the seventh season of “American Idol,” David Cook was a musician with plenty of stories to tell. One particular story that sticks out to the Kansas City, Mo., native was finding himself stranded in Davenport, Iowa, during a regional tour.

“I missed a band bus on my way to Wisconsin,” Cook said. “I found myself without a ride, so I ended up staying the night and got to see a Rocky Horror Picture Show play while I was in town.”

Although that was one of the first times Cook would find himself in Iowa, it was not the last. A year after winning the seventh season of the popular reality singing competition, “American Idol,” Cook returned to Iowa to play at Simon Estes Amphitheater in Des Moines, one of many stops on his first major tour. Now a veteran national artist, Cook once again returns to Iowa to play on the Live @ Veishea stage April 11.

“Mentally, emotionally, I feel more comfortable with this life,” Cook said. “Idol did really prepare me. It made me more comfortable within my own skin.”

Prior to auditioning for “American Idol,” Cook played for popular Midwest/Kansas City groups called Axium and Midwest West while also working as a bartender. He jokes that winning the show “gave him a new job,” a contract with RCA Records, which produced his platinum selling self-titled debut as well as his sophomore album, “This Loud Morning.” In 2012, Cook left RCA, releasing his single, “The Last Song I’ll Write for You,” independently.

“My departure has given me more freedom and control,” Cook said. “It’s not a knock on the label, but I feel like I’m actually making music now.”

Cook is currently working on his next studio album to be released later this spring, although no title has been given to his first independent album. He explains that this album differs from his last two releases because this time the idea was to be more experimental and creative, and his experience has given him more confidence.

“’This Loud Morning’ was more about exorcising the demons,” Cook said. “I might not have taken a gamble with several songs on my new record if I wasn’t as prepared.”

Performing at Veishea will be a one-off show for Cook, but he also plans to do other shows this spring. When invited to play in Ames, though, he wanted to immediately jump on board.

“It was a no-brainer when I saw the lineup,” Cook said. “I’ve played with Andy Grammar before and I really enjoyed his stuff.”

Throughout all his career, there is one group of people that Cook acknowledges has made everything easier and worth the effort during and after “American Idol”: a fan base that he hopes to expand on with this concert.

“For me, I’d be a fool not to mention my fans’ role. They’ve been with me through my departure from RCA, everything,” Cook said. “They are amazing and I can’t thank them enough.”

Those who are unable to attend the concert or find themselves wanting more David Cook are in luck. Cook plans to tour in support of his new record with a summer tour.

“I’m a road guy for sure,” Cook said. “I don’t get bogged down with details, and I love to travel. I love that I enjoy what I do.”

Though his initial Iowa experience in Davenport was not all that superb, a very anxious Cook is ready to come back for this gig.

“We are excited to come out to Ames and encourage everyone coming to have a fun time,” Cook said.