Rapper, producer Luke Christopher to perform Live @ Veishea


Courtesy of Luke Christopher

Up-and-coming hip hop artist Luke Christopher will be performing as part of Live at Veisha’s first night on April 11th.

Michael Van Zanten

Up-and-coming hip-hop artist Luke Christopher will be performing as part of Live @ Veishea on April 11.

Luke Christopher, now 19 years old, began producing beats at the age of 14 in his room under his bed. He was signed by the time he was 17.

“It’s hip-hop, but it’s alternative,” Christopher said. “I sing and rap, so it’s different. It’s kind of like Kanye meets Frank Ocean meets something like John Legend. It’s kind of soulful, but it’s hip-hop.”

If you listen to some of the young rapper’s tracks online, you will quickly note the young rapper’s unique writing style, and how much it differs in comparison to the majority of contemporary hip-hop.

“I like to write songs about anything.” Said Luke Christopher. “Sometimes I write stories in records; I definitely like to get creative when I write. I don’t just write about nothing.”

Similar to an early Kanye West, Christopher began making beats at 14 in his bedroom, drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists and musical styles.

“I started when I was 14.” Said Christopher. “I listened to Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, a lot of U2, Coldplay, I listened to The Beatles, Mos Def, Kanye, Common, a lot of different influences.”

While still in high school, Luke Christopher gained the attention of Interscope.

“I’m signed to RCA now, but I was signed to Interscope when I was 17.” Christopher said. “A girl that went to my high school was playing some of my songs at a party. A dude from Interscope stopped and wanted to sign me on the spot, so we set up the meeting [the] next week, and it just happened from there.”

Christopher released his mixtape “TMRW, TMRW” in 2012, recorded completely with beats and raps he made himself.

“I started from scratch on everything because I wanted to produce my own record, make all the beats and write all the songs,” Christopher said. “I basically started from scratch. I started producing some of the beats and getting the sound right, and I started writing the record and recording basically all in a day.”

The young rapper/producer has worked with mainstream artists including Wiz Khalifa and Usher. Veteran rapper Common was featured on “TMRW, TMRW.”

“My boy was playing a record in the studio,” Christopher said. “[Common] basically heard the s— and he walked in and my boy was like ‘Yo Common what up,’ because they’re both from Chicago. He played the record and [Common] wanted to get on a record.”

Luke Christopher has worked with Down with Webster, a Canadian rap group set to play during the same night of Live @ Veishea.

“That kid is mad talented,” said Down With Webster member Tyler Armes. “We got to do some writing with him in [Los Angeles] last summer. He made beats for a couple songs, and one of them made the record.”

As part of a string of college stops for Christopher, April 11’s show will mark his first visit to Ames.

“Expect a fun live show,” Christopher said. “I always like to keep it lively on stage.”

Tickets for April 11’s show are available at varying rates at midwestix.com.