Skincare solutions for the stressed student

Glossier’s Zit Stick is known for calming and soothing zits in a matter of hours.

Sierra Hoeger

Everyone’s worst nightmare, aside from showing up to class in nothing but their underwear, is acne. The small, four-letter word can cause major problems, especially in college. From eating an overabundance of sweets to stressing over the next calculus exam, acne stems from a number of things.

From Burt’s Bees to Glossier to Nordstrom, more and more companies are offering inexpensive, healthy and inclusive solutions that actually work. However, college students are constantly on the go and might not have time for a 10 step skincare routine each and every night. 

“My skincare routine has changed significantly since I came to college, and I’m glad it has because I’ve been caring for my skin more,” junior Breanna Bruening said. “Instead of working so hard to zap all my acne and breakouts, I focus more on ingredients that will nourish my skin and give it what it needs to be healthy and hydrated.”

Bruening, a junior studying journalism, has her own beauty blog named “Breanna bee” where she writes about everything beauty, from makeup reviews to how makeup can not only help make you feel beautiful and more confident on the outside, but on the inside as well. 

She also writes about her experiences with up and coming trends within the world of beauty and how certain products impact her skin. 

In March Nordstrom launched a new skincare line titled “Fresh Faces,” inspired by the idea of becoming all-inclusive. Nordstrom wants to provide products for everyone, regardless of gender and race. 

One of the products highlighted is from a company named Nuria. Nuria’s Rescue Pore Minimizing Toner reduces blemishes all while providing a soothing aftermath, making your skin more susceptible to other face washes you’ll want to use afterwards. This toner rings up at $24, making it an inexpensive way to help repair your skin. 

“The biggest skincare tip I’ve implemented this past year is the 60 second rule,” Bruening said. “You work your cleanser into the skin for at least 60 seconds. This helps the actives in your cleanser actually get into your skin. It also helps exfoliate and break through dead skin cells without using harsh abrasive scrubs. I really think that tip has improved my overall skin tone and texture.”

Glossier, a brand that’s becoming more and more popular each month, offers skin care products tailored to each skin type. With each product, Glossier provides results three, six, and 24 hours after use, making sure you know what you’re getting into before purchasing. 

Glossier’s Zit Stick breakout eraser is almost like a Tide stain stick, but for acne. This ready-to-go remedy is as easy as one, two, three. As soon as you feel the first signs of a pimple, apply the clear solution up to three times a day until you’re saying “sayonara” to stress acne. The breakout eraser costs $14, making it all the more irresistible. 

Mario Badescu is another popular brand among young adults looking to solve skincare troubles. Their products include night creams, facial sprays, masks, toners and more.

Another product to help repair your skin is Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion. This lotion is similar to Glossier’s Zit Stick, but it’s an overnight remedy rather than one that you can wear during the day.

Apply the lotion with a Q-tip when you see a breakout happening, let it dry overnight, then rinse in the morning. Another reason why this product is so popular is due to how inexpensive it is. For a one ounce bottle that lasts more than three months, $17 is a cheap solution.

“I’ve been really into clean beauty lately because it eliminates unnecessary chemicals that can strip the skin,” Bruening said. “But not all chemicals are bad and a lot of the time they’re helpful for dealing with breakouts and eliminating bad bacteria from the skin.” 

Common tips for taking care of your skin, such as drinking supple amounts of water and cleaning pillowcases and towels after certain amounts of use, can start to sound old after a while, but they are still simple ways to take care of your skin.