The Faint to perform at Wooly’s on April 24


Photo Credit: Bill Sitzmann

The Faint press photo

Celeste Welshhons

Indie rock band The Faint will play at Wooly’s in Des Moines on April 24 accompanied by The Hussy and Solid Goldberg. The show has an age limit of 19 and over.

Lead singer Todd Fink was involved with choir for a short time when he was a kid. When he began singing with The Faint, it was not always necessarily considered singing to him.

“I did join a choir once when I was a kid, but I got kicked out of it for not being able to sing which I was actually happy about. I didn’t want to go anyways,” Fink said. “I don’t really know if I even thought of it as singing when we first started playing. It was more like just making sounds with my mouth.”

For the show at Wooly’s, fans should expect a mix of music released by the Faint with an emphasis on the work from their latest album, “Doom Abuse,” released earlier this month.

“We have a lot of songs that we always play. Some of them are really old, even from the 1990s. We also are really excited to play new songs, so I would guess we will maybe play half of the [new] album, and the rest will be all of the ones we just love playing. We’re actually just making our set longer in order to play the new stuff,” Fink said.

The Drummer of The Faint is Fink’s brother Clark Baechle. Baechle is not only in charge of drumming, he also does a lot of the technical aspects as well.

“We’re pretty hands on in the live production side of the band. My brother Clark is the drummer and mastermind behind it all. He has got a whole different skill set that is very useful. He’s the technical brains of the operation and an amazing drummer and producer and all this stuff,” Fink said. “He has a bunch of stuff up his sleeves as far as video and content … We like to sync up all the lights and the video stuff with the music real tightly. It’s a little bit epilepsy inducing.”

The sound of “Doom Abuse” differs greatly from anything else the band did before. The sound is closer to being in the punk category as opposed to their usual EDM territory.

“We got pretty deep into electronic music production, but then by the time we were ready to get back together and make new Faint music, we just wanted it to be more like a band. It might have been a reaction to everything becoming so electronic,” Fink said. “I think we’ll probably go more electronic again actually for the next one.”

For the band’s 2008 studio album “Fasciinatiion,” the band decided to release it tough their own label. With “Doom Abuse,” the guys went back to working through a label so that they could focus more on the creative aspects of the production.

“We put out our last album ourselves just to see what that was like, and it was fine. After having the experience I think it’s better for the band to spend our time doing music and art instead of worrying about business decisions or anything label related really,” Fink said. “So we’re going with our old manager’s assistant who’s doing this label SQE.”

The rest of the year looks to be busy for The Faint with lots of touring scheduled as well as more new music in the works.

“After we get back mid-June from [touring] … we’re going to be trying to write every chance we get. I’m sure we’ll have new songs to work on by then maybe we’ll do another tour. I’d love to make it to Europe, but I don’t know if that’s in the cards or not,” Fink said. “We would like to have another EP at least recorded and ready to come out this year.”