Screaming for Silence to perform at Vaudeville Mews

Celeste Welshhons

Hard rock band Screaming for Silence will perform at Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines on April 5, accompanied by For the Broken, Stone Park Ritual and Mistaken for Halos. This show is only for those 21 and over.

Screamer and lead vocalist Zeb Christensen became interested in the music scene while in high school, but his interest began as anything but rock ‘n’ roll.

“It really took off when I started going to shows and going to concerts, and that’s what always kept me entertained. I was a chorus nerd all the way through high school,” Christensen said. “I actually played athletics through high school and college, but music was kind of my guilty pleasure.”

Christensen is an Iowa native. He lived in a couple of different, small Iowa towns before going on to Omaha, NE to form Screaming for Silence.

“Before I went to high school, I grew up in a town called Exira, Iowa, which is in southwest Iowa, and then before my sophomore year of high school, I moved to a town called State Center, Iowa, which is just east of Ames,” Christensen said.

Screaming for Silence is currently working on recording their first full length album. Some of the songs have been recorded already and are in the process of being mastered, but at least two-thirds of the album is still in the works. So far the only release by the band is their 2012 EP “Relentless.” The album is expected to drop in either late summer or early fall.

“We went out in January and did three tracks that month, and then we go back out in April and we do another three tracks,” Christensen said. “Right now the plan is to go back out again early summer and do another three and that way we would have nine tracks total and be able to call it a full length album. We are going to try to get a single out by spring or early summer, and hope to get some buzz going about the album before its release.”

For their show at Vaudeville Mews, Screaming for Silence will play a mix of original material and cover songs. The band actually released their rendition of the Eddie Money song “Take Me Home Tonight” on their EP.

“We will play all the new stuff that we recorded in January…we will probably play most of the old EP as well. We do have a few other cover songs that we have tossed the idea around about using,” Christensen said. “It’s tough because everybody knows that song [“Take me Home Tonight”] so sometimes we get in trouble if we don’t play it. We’ll definitely keep that in our back pocket, but we have some other ideas for cover songs.”

Although Screaming for Silence falls under the broad category of hard rock, their sound is unique in that it pulls influences from almost every other genre of both rock and metal.

“Our two guitarists, Casey and Danny, come from complete opposite ends of the spectrum. When they came in Casey would bring a heavy riff and Dan would put over a little intricate riff that was just more kind of relaxing and took it out of the metal and made it our own sound actually,” Christensen said.

The band will be touring for a good part of the rest of this year, as well as finishing up and releasing their debut album. The band also hopes to use one more promotional technique in order to get the word out about the album.

“I really hope that we get to do a couple of music videos for the new album this year. Social media is everything for bands right now, and I feel like a good video for the new album would be good,” Christensen said.

For Screaming for Silence, their fans are their biggest pride and joy, and they want to keep performing for them as much as possible.

“The biggest goal is to keep on the path that we’re going, and it’s not easy,” Christensen said. “We just wanna keep touring; we want to keep playing music every night and be in front of people.”