Purple and Gold Challenge ends with a win, a loss and a no game for Iowa State

Rachel Anderson

On Saturday of the Purple and Gold Challenge in Baton Rouge, La., the Cyclones had three different outcomes in their three games.

Iowa State came out on top of the first game of the day against Harvard with a 4-2 victory.

At the start of the game, sophomore infielder Brittany Gomez came out swinging. Harvard was not about to allow Iowa State to win easily though. They responded right away to tie the game 2-2.

Freshman pitcher Katie Johnson wanted to put a stop to Harvard. She hardly let anyone hit off her towards the end of the game.

The offense and defense worked together to pull out a win against Harvard.

The second game Saturday was not as lucky as the Cyclones would have wanted.

What Iowa State feared the most about playing against LSU came true. LSU won the tight game 1-0.

The Cyclones let up numerous chances to score. The offense could not bring Iowa State any luck as the game continued.

Johnson only allowed five hits as well as walking three against LSU.

This was not enough for the Cyclones to claim victory against ranked LSU. Closing Saturday with a split record.

On the last day of the Purple and Gold Challenge, Iowa State was scheduled to play Lamar.

Because of the previous game going into 10 innings Iowa State and Lamar decided on a “No Game” in order for Iowa State to make their plane flight back to Ames.

The Cyclones will play next weekend in Wichita, Kan., in the Shocker Softball Classic.