T. Mills will perform March 9 at Wooly’s

Celeste Welshhons

Rapper T. Mills will perform March 9 at Wooly’s in Des Moines accompanied by Mod Sun, Narada Sauti and Rob Sheppard.

T. Mills got involved with music when he was young and has kept building from there.

“I’ve always been involved in music, I’ve always been around music, I’ve always been going to shows, and I’ve always had a desire to create,” Mills said. “I got a MacBook when I was 17, and I made a Myspace page, then I started recording songs on GarageBand and then I just put them up.”

Once he put some songs up, it was not long until people started noticing his work.

“I started booking my own shows off of [Myspace] and touring,” Mills said. “I dropped a music video, and then I got management, and it just all evolved from there. It has been a very gradual process.”

When he started putting music out on Myspace, a record deal was not something T. Mills ever thought he would get out of his releases.

“I definitely didn’t think I could get a record deal, I was just doing it because it was fun. I wasn’t looking for a reward or anything,” Mills said. “As things started developing, the surprises just kept getting cooler.”

At his show in Des Moines, T. Mills will be playing a mix of songs including all of those from his latest EP “All I Wanna Do.”

“It’s definitely a compilation. It’s very well balanced, and we’re playing all the stuff on the new EP. I feel like the show is very strong,” Mills said.

The “All I Wanna Do” EP came out on Feb. 25 accompanied by the lyric video for the title track. The song itself released the previous day. Fans can look forward to a little something extra on this EP.

“I have a very cool feature that is going to be like a bonus track on the EP,” Mills said.

In support of the tour, T. Mills is doing a campaign on Instagram following the “All I Wanna Do” theme.

“We’re doing this cool Instagram campaign where you can take an Instagram video with the song playing in the background and tell us one thing that you’ve always wanted to do. We are going to be picking people from each city on the tour to come and hang out at the shows,” Mills said.

There are many things going on in 2014 for T. Mills. On top of those, there are still some bigger goals waiting to be met as well.

“I guess my big goal is just progress,” said Mills. “I just want to keep progressing, I never want to go backwards and I don’t ever want to stop.”