Iowa State splits with Northern Illinois

Rachel Anderson

After a frustrating loss against Nebraska this week, the ISU softball team was looking for a win against Northern Illinois Sunday afternoon.

This double header was the first game at home for Iowa State since early February. The Cyclones were hoping for a home field advantage but during the first game it was not there.

Northern Illinois came out swinging in the first inning, scoring six runs to start the game off. Iowa State was not going to let NIU have that big of an advantage starting off the game though. The Cyclones scored two runs making the score 6-2.

At the bottom of the second inning, NIU had the lead 10-2. Senior Sara Davison hit a three-run homerun. After the second, NIU led 10-5.

The game ended after five innings. Northern Illinois took the victory 15-6.

The Cyclones took the lead for the first time all day in the second game. Sophomore Brittany Gomez scored the first run of the game putting Iowa State ahead 1-0.

During the next couple of innings neither Iowa State nor Northern Illinois could make any big plays. At the top of the fifth, it still was 1-0.

Sophomore Aly Cappaert hit the biggest homerun for Iowa State this season. Her hit was straight centerfield putting the Cyclones up 5-3 in the fifth.

NIU tied the game in the seventh and forced extra innings.

At the bottom of the eighth inning, Cappaert hit a hard ball right-center. The Cyclones won 6-5.

Iowa State’s next game will be against South Dakota on Thursday.