Red to play at Wooly’s Feb. 19

Celeste Welshhons

Christian rock/metal band Red will be performing at Wooly’s in Des Moines on Feb. 19 along with Gemini Syndrome, Emphatic, Mistaken for Halos and As Clouds Break.

Red has three current members; lead vocalist Michael Barnes, guitarist Anthony Armstrong and Randy Armstrong on bass and keyboards. Former drummer Joe Rickard recently quit the band in late January, and former lead guitarist Jasen Rauch still remains as a songwriter for the band.

Randy Armstrong, twin brother to Anthony Armstrong, became interested in performing around ninth grade.

“We got the itch to be performers pretty early on,” Armstrong said.

The members are originally from Linesville, Penn., but moved to Nashville, Tenn. once they had finished college and decided to try.

On their current tour, Red will be playing what the fans want to hear.

“It’s a unique mix of everything, we kind of leave it up to the fans,” Armstrong said.

The band has been to Iowa before, but most recently was on the Rock of Legions tour they did with Papa Roach. Another very notable showing was at Lazerfest in Indianola in 2010. This was the first of the festivals to sell out with 25,000 tickets sold.

Red has been nominated for a couple of Grammys and won five Dove awards. A Dove award is given to bands showing outstanding achievement within the Christian music industry.

“It was just surreal, just the mightiest honor you can achieve. It’s something to add to the resume for sure,” Armstrong said.

For now, the band is working on “Release the Panic: Re-Calibrated.” There will be at least one new track on this edition of the original album. There is also another new album in the works.

“We will release a single off record five later this year in late summer or early fall,” Armstrong said.