GSB present platforms to GPSS


Brian Achenbach/Iowa State Daily

Government of the Student Body presidential candidates Hillary Kletscher and Khayree Fitten along with Fitten’s vice presidential candidate Gabe Walsh addressed the Graduate and Professional Student Senate about their presidential platforms and how their plans would affect graduate and professional students. Kletscher, Fitten and Walsh fielded questions from GPSS members about various topics.

Kyle Schlichting

The Government of the Student Body presidential candidates Khayree Fitten and Hillary Kletscher presented their platforms to the Graduate and Professional Student Senate at their meeting Monday night. They expressed how their platforms will translate to graduate students.

Kletscher started off his platform by reminding graduate students that GSB is for graduate students as well as undergraduate students.

She said that services like CyRide and the child care program not only help undergraduate students, but graduate students as well. Fitten also mentioned his proposal to have GSB fund free e-books for 100 to 200 level classes.

Kletscher began her platform by talking about her campus-wide recycling program that has already proven successful in the library. She mentioned how she wants to set up an exclusive website for Iowa State students next year that works as an exchange program for leasing apartments, selling used textbooks and other Craigslist-type services.

Fitten said that they are looking to fund some graduate e-books but stated that he didn’t know exactly how, as things are still being discussed.

In regards to graduate students who function as teaching assistants, Fitten said that the new e-book funding should help them since it should normalize their experience. He said that since 90 percent of all GSB funding comes from undergraduates, that will have a big impact on where the funding goes.

A senate member asked both candidates how the increase of student fees will be used and why the funding is needed in the first place.

“With the increase in student enrollment, we are seeing an even higher demand for student services,” Kletscher said.

She said this increase in enrollment is requiring GSB to increase their student enrollment fee.

“No one likes an increase in fees so it can be looked at negatively, but I really want to look at this positively and if we want to provide for the Iowa State experience, we all have chip in to provide for it. It will be easier than if just one person tries to provide for it,” Kletscher said.

Fitten said that the increased enrollment fee is a good thing because student services, both legal and counseling, were cut financially last year.

Other topics discussed during the meeting were the budget for the next fiscal year, nominations for GPSS leadership for next year, changes to the Professional Advancement Grant and nomination for Peer Teaching and Research Awards.

The budget for the next fiscal year was passed by majority vote (67-33). The changes discussed about the grant nominations were that they will be awarded on a monthly basis, and not a semester basis.

Also, people who have not received a Professional Advancement Grant will be prioritized in the nomination process over those who have already received a grant.