Attila and I See Stars at Blue Moose Tap House on Feb. 11


Photo Credit: Sumerian Records

I See Stars promo pic for preview

Celeste Welshhons

Attila along with I See Stars, Capture the Crown, Ice Nine Kills, Myka, Relocate, Hello Ramona, and Noah will be playing at the Blue Moose Tap House in Iowa City on Feb. 11.

Co-headliner I See Stars has six members; Devin Oliver, Brent Allen, Jeff Valentine, Jimmy Gregerson, Andrew Oliver, and Zach Johnson. They hail from Warren, Mich.

“(The band) was an idea before we could even play instruments,” said lead vocalist Devin Oliver. “We all lived around the block from each other and started off just playing cover songs.”

The band was offered a record deal while still in high school, and they chose to take it.

“I did always want to do music, but the hardest thing was giving up basketball,” Devin said.

When it comes to their current tour the band will be focusing a lot on newer music.

“I think we’re not going to be playing any songs on our first record. [Fans] want to hear the new stuff,” Devin said.

This tour around, fans will be able to do vocal lessons with Devin in order to “see what it takes to be a vocalist.”

“We’re bringing tons of merch and lot of lights,” Devin said. “Our two bands (Attila and I See Stars) together are going to provide an awesome show.”

I See Stars have been around Iowa before, even to Blue Moose Tap House.

“We definitely enjoy going there, it is kind of a work in progress,” Devin said.

With the release of their last album being in October 2013, the guys focus on the tour for now.

“It’s really just full-time prepping for this tour. The last week is always the most hectic,” Devin said. “We don’t want to forget something at home like we always do.”