The Daily votes to move to Campustown

Ryan Anderson

The Iowa State Daily student newspaper will be moving off-campus for the 2015 fall semester.

The publication board, consisting of 10 members, both students and staff, voted on the move Jan. 30 during the monthly meeting. The Daily is currently located at 108 Hamilton Hall, which houses the Greenlee School of Journalism.

“The Daily is in Hamilton Hall and with the demand for classrooms and other academic programs, we have talked about [the move] going back three or four years,” said Warren Madden, senior vice president for business and finance at Iowa State. Madden has been involved with this project from the beginning.

Madden said that he has been speaking with the Iowa State Daily general manager, Laura Widmer, about the Daily wanting more space.

“Right now the Daily is not paying rent for the space it occupies in Hamilton Hall. We’ve indicated that the goal of all of this to make the Daily financially ok,” Madden said.

With the revitalization of Campustown and the Kingland Properties, space has opened up for the newspaper to potentially move into.

“They long considered us to be candidates to fill the space,” said Josh Adams, publication board secretary.

Iowa State could also benefit from the move to Campustown. Higher enrollment numbers means more classroom space if needed.

“They want the classroom space,” said Mark Witherspoon, editorial adviser for the Daily.

The publication board discussed in detail the positives and negatives of moving to the other side of Lincoln Way which is considered off-campus.

A potential pitfall of the Daily moving to a new location in Campustown is proximity.

“If the Daily moves out of Hamilton Hall, [it] is not as close to the journalism department as [it] was when in the building,” Madden said. He asked people to think about that, but people do not seem to see it as a problem.

Financially, Madden believes that there aren’t many negative implications.

“If visibility and accessibility over there is better, it could in fact help,” Madden said.

Madden mentioned that moving into a new building and being able to design it to fit the Daily’s needs would be helpful.

“They thought some of the students that interact with the Daily would find that location to be good, there are coffee shops and other things in Campustown … there was some feeling that those would be beneficial to students who work for the Daily,” Madden said.

The publication board voted unanimously to allow the student newspaper to proceed in the process of moving locations.

“We should say yes, it’s a good opportunity,” said Megan Culp, publication board chairwoman and a senior in English.

Widmer, general manager for the Daily, said that she was told that there are already architects in place for the move and design.

The Daily will be moving to its new location approximately by the end of summer 2015.