Ice Nine Kills: The Predator Becomes the Prey Album Review

Dominic Spizzirri

Ice Nine Kills returns with their follow up to last years’ “The Predator EP” with “The Predator Becomes the Prey.” Featuring a few songs from the EP, the new record shines through as Ice Nine Kill’s strongest work yet. 

The album bursts open with the track “The Power in Belief” which sums up everything Ice Nine Kills has become. The song has a catchy chorus, a hard hitting tone and the screaming work is at its best. An inclusion of guitar solos (throughout the record), brings the band to a new level within the metal core scene.

It is hard to find highlights on this album since the record overall is a highlight within itself. That carries the problem when it comes to many songs feeling the same, even though they all carry different melodies differentiating them from each other. 

The vocal and guitar work of Justin “JD” DeBlieck along with lead vocalist Spencer Charnas shine as a perfect example of how a record within this genre should sound. 

The lyrics for the record are of the typical metal core angst fashion, with the addition of a slasher theme due to the bands obsession with slasher movies. That being said, the lyrics are easily the weakest part of the record, even though they get the job done and do not feel cliche.

The addition of songs from “The Predator EP” are a positive addition even if they have been heard before. Songs like “The Coffin is Moving” and “What I Never Learned In Study Hall” fit excellently within the album like they were made for it originally. The album also features the song “The Product of Hate,” a track Ice Nine Kills released last year for charity for the Boston bombing which also fits nicely despite being released a year ago.

In a scene where most bands sound alike, Ice Nine Kills shines through, and this record is a great example of just what metal fans want and need with a band that can stand for today’s artists. If Ice Nine Kills continues in the direction this album is bringing them, the band will stand next to A Day to Remember filling arenas for years to come.