Nexflix review: “Turbo Fast”


Turbo FAST (Fast Action Stunt Team) is the latest exclusive series that is only available through Netflix. It is the first animated series that is exclusive to Netflix and premiered on Christmas Eve in 2013.

Picking up where the movie Turbo left off, a racing snail named Turbo and the rest of his team find themselves in a place called Starlite City, which was built by Turbo’s trusty human friend named Tito. In the city, there is a brand new track built just for Turbo and his friends.

Turbo and his crew spend their time racing on their track in their new home, facing new rivals and villains and trying to find a way to win each time for the sake of good. Their new lives are just as hectic as they were before.

I had some decent expectations going into this show after watching the movie Turbo. This series is just as good, if not better than most cartoons on television today.

It should also be noted that a different animation style is used in the series than was used in the movie, but that is not a bad thing. The animation used in the series is very smooth and adds a nice cartoon-like feel to it.

I would recommend you watch the movie beforehand, as it helps to get a feel for the characters and plot though it is not completely necessary as character and plot are easy to pick up right from the beginning.

This is a great series to watch with your family. It is perfectly suitable for any age. Even being a college student in my 20s, I could not help but laugh at many parts of this show.

If you love animation, give this one a try. Especially if you were a fan of the movie, you will love the series.