ISU Theatre Presents: Romeo and Juliet

Liz Cleaveland

Two teens battle it out with their families and declare their love for one another. Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” presents a cavalcade of relatable themes full of suspense, thus creating a work for the ages which will be performed by ISU Theatre this weekend.

Lauren Dentler, junior in performing arts, landed the role of Juliet’s protective Nurse.

“What’s great about Shakespeare is that it can lend itself to any time and place because the stories are so human,” Dentler said.

Perhaps one of the more memorable characters of the play, the Nurse provides comedic relief before certain circumstances deal her serious responsibilities.

“She is not afraid of much and will do whatever it takes to protect Juliet,” Dentler said.

Directed by Brad Dell, assistant professor of music and theater, this classic will have a modern feel to it as demonstrated by the contemporary costumes. However, daggers and rapiers will still be used.

“It’s modern, but it’s a very different world from the one we know,” Dentler said.

Even its first show before an audience back in 1594 seems like a different world.

Back then, Juliet was most likely played by a male because females were not accepted in the acting world.

For the actors and actresses of this performance, finding their own versions of these beloved characters requires an immense amount of effort.

“Everyone has fought to find their own version of their characters,” Dentler said. “The story we tell is the story of Romeo and Juliet but it’s our version and it’s the story we felt was important to tell.”

Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” has been adapted into countless films, books and plays around the world.

Dentler said Dell adapted the folio version for his performers to work off of.

Although it is a tragedy, Shakespeare’s work of art never ceases to captivate audiences around the world.

“The story means so much to me, and we all hope that it will mean something to everyone who comes and sees it,” Dentler said.