Red Green Coming to Stephen’s Auditorium

Dominic Spizzirri

Comedy actor Red Green (Steve Smith) of the Red Green Show will be bringing his “How to do Everything” show to Stephens Auditorium on May 6, 2014.

The performance is a solo tour for actor Steve Smith of the television show. Red Green finds himself back in the United States after his highly successful “Wit and Wisdom Tour” in 2012.

That performance came to Stephens Auditorium as well for a sold-out performance and was able to bring in a show that attracted all ages. 

“Based on the last time Red Green was here, the age of people who attended that show extended from elementary school kids to grandparents,” said general manager of Iowa State Center, Mark North. “It’s a really popular show … a lot of different age groups come to watch him. The guy is generally clean and funny.”

The Red Green show started in Canada before premiering in the United States in 1991 up until its 2006 series finale. The show was made up of actors Patrick McKenna, Rick Green and Smith. 

The Red Green Show lasted 15 seasons on multiple television stations. 

North promises the show will be an amazing time for all fans of Red Green and comedy. 

“[Attendees] can expect to have a good time, laugh the entire evening,” North said. “[They] will walk away feeling good about what they saw.”