Uber Eats now available in Ames

Will Kaptain

Uber Eats, a mobile app that enables users to order food from their favorite local restaurants and have it delivered directly to the doorstep, has recently extended its services to the city of Ames. In today’s world, the days of ordering food by speaking to someone over the phone, getting off the couch and making the journey to the restaurant are over. 

The app itself is simple and user-friendly. The main screen consists of a search bar on top a list of restaurants to choose from, each represented by thumbnails displaying photos of their restaurant’s food. The app specializes in highlighting local restaurants in Ames, listing them before the more recognizable chain restaurants. 

Once a restaurant is selected, the user chooses what they want from the menu and is then offered a variety of customization options (extra cheese, extra veggies and so on) before the item is added to their cart. Once the ordering process is complete, the app shows the user in real time the status of the delivery, even showing the location of the driver as they make their way toward their destination. 

Of course, no app is perfect, and Uber Eats is not free of drawbacks. At certain times of the day, a user’s order may take longer to arrive than it would have if the user had retrieved it themselves. It is also more expensive to have your food delivered. Uber Eats has a select range of restaurants to order from compared to competitors such as DoorDash and JoyRun, as it just entered the area.

Fees beyond the price of food include tax, a small order fee, a service fee, a delivery fee and tipping. 

Jainaya ______ , a driver for Uber Eats, said the hours are a benefit of the job.

“I’ve never really delivered for anyone before, but this is a good job because the hours are very flexible,” ___ said.

_____ said she would recommend the job to others looking for employment.