Call of Duty: Ghosts launches Monday night


By Levi Castle, [email protected]

Groups of gamers gather outside GameStop on Lincoln Way as they wait for “Ghosts” to launch.

Levi Castle

Following a pattern that can be observed every year, more popular games are being released now that 2013 is nearing an end. As tradition holds, GameStop hosted another midnight game launch on Nov. 4, this time for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

As early as 6 p.m., gamers headed to the Ames GameStop to get their pre-order receipts before the launch party would begin, just hours later.

To cope with the large amounts of customers who show up for midnight launches, the store divides them into groups based on a first come, first serve system. At least 10 different groups of five or more gamers were prepared to get their hands on the latest Call of Duty that evening.

From 10 p.m. until launch, GameStop held an indoor competitive tournament that pitted gamers against each other in a bracket series of one-on-one deathmatches until a winner was crowned. After winning matches against many other players on the two PlayStation 3 systems setup to play Call of Duty: Ghosts, Brady Lamb emerged as the champion.

Lamb, a junior studying management information systems, won a three-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription. Additionally, Lamb was rewarded as the first customer to walk out of the store with his copy of the game.

“Total in my life, I’ve probably been to seven or eight midnight launches. Call of Duty, Gears of War, all of the Halos,” Lamb said. “Call of Duty is definitely my favorite.”

This is not the first tournament Lamb won at a game launch.

“When I was younger, [a friend and I] won a few others. Usually around second place,” Lamb said.

Jeremy Amerine, sophomore in kinesiology and health, arrived at the launch just before the tournament began. Placing as a semi-finalist against other players, Amerine said he has enjoyed his time with the game so far.

“It definitely has some different features that I like. It’s a lot more interactive,” Amerine said.

As far as next generation versions (Xbox One, Playstation 4) of the game go, Amerine is planning on upgrading from current generation versions (Xbox 360, Playstation 3). The game is also available on the Nintendo Wii U. 

“I’m here tonight because I like to play the game each year right when it comes out,” Amerine said. “I’ll most definitely play the next (generation) version too. Maybe when it comes out, maybe a little bit later.”

As the clock hit midnight, the gamers, led by Lamb, got their games and left Lincoln Way with honks, screams and cheers of excitement.