Big Açaí grand opening brings big turnout


Sierra Hoeger/ Iowa State Daily

A line stretched around Big Açaí Thursday morning during its grand opening.

Sierra Hoeger

Post-workout temptations are going to be harder to resist with the opening of Big Açaí on the outskirts of campus. Located across from State Gym, Big Açaí officially opened its doors early Thursday.

Underneath Union at the intersection of Sheldon Avenue and Lincoln Way, Big Açaí offers a variety of unique foods new to the Ames community.

“There wasn’t really any convenient options, no stuff that was extremely fast and healthy; this concept is exactly what I was looking for, said Josh Dingle, co-owner and general manager of Big Açaí and a senior in marketing at Iowa State. “It’s super convenient for students here and it’s just a healthy option. I’d say it’s probably one of the best options for any type of healthy food when you’re on the go.”

Organic sorbet bowls, dairy-free smoothies, avocado toast, salads, soups and espresso beverages can be purchased at this location. 

“Meeting all the new people coming in,” Dingle said of what he’s most excited for with the opening. “A lot of our new customers haven’t tried the product before, being that we don’t have as much competition up here and as well as this is kind of a California concept, I’d say the demand is going to be high.”

The convenience of grab-and-go food combined with the allure of a healthy delicacy such as açaí bowls is the perfect explanation as to why it’s projected to be a popular spot for students and residents alike. 

“We live right above it, so we got a lot of promotion from our own apartment, and there’s actually a Big Açaí bowl place where I live too, so that’s how I knew about it,” said junior Emily Hou.

Big Açaí’s grand opening was an instant hit, with a line stretching to its doors Thursday morning filled with students looking to try something new before going to classes. 

“I think it’s in a good location and it’s another healthy option for students, because there’s actually not a lot of healthy places offered on campus,” Hou said. “This provides a healthier option for students who are looking for something that’s not greasy.”  

With a goal of trying to mesh a healthier lifestyle with that of an on-the-go college student, there’s no doubt Big Açaí will have success. 

“I wanted to give something to the community where you could grab really fast and leave, and not worry about what you’re eating,” Dingle said.