Dan Soder to bring hypochondriac comedy to M-Shop


Dan Soder Preview

Devon Jefferson

A sober, hypochondriac comedian by the name of Dan Soder will perform at the Maintenance Shop this Thursday, Nov. 14. Soder, a fellow native from Aurora, Colo., will be doing a stand up show covering all avenues, ranging from hipsters, stories of his hypochondria and other anecdotes related to his “medium Sex drive.”

“I was studying at University of Arizona and it wasn’t until I was a junior that I started doing stand up comedy,” Soder said.

Soder’s journey begins as a teenager in the big little city in the center of our nation called Denver. It was there he began to cultivate his love for stand up comedy and putting himself in the atmosphere a comedian lives in.

“As a kid I went to comedy works a lot and in high school I was seeing people like Dave Chappelle’s stand up live and it really blew my mind and it really took me until I was 21 to really get the balls to do it,” Soder said.

Fast forward a few years and Soder is attending the University of Arizona, surrounded by a binge-drinking college life cliche. It was there he began working at a local radio station and hanging out at local comedy clubs and getting his feet wet in what would soon turn into his career as a stand up comedian, specifically in a small comedy club in Tucson. He performed there for two years until he was given a primetime spot and eventually flew east to New York City.

“It was either L.A. or New York, and I’m not an L.A. guy, plus I liked New York and a lot of comedians I liked were either from there or had been through there so I knew the style of aggressive joke writing it took and also knew it was a place young comedians could get more stage time,” Soder said.

The extreme repetition and difficult scene New York in offer molded him as a comic. Soder talked about how in a city filled with so much talent it was hard to break into the scene but because of the fact he could do up to seven shows a night he prospered. Now, Soder can be found on an array of television series including MTV’s “Guy Code,” and more recently his appearance on Conan O’Brien. Even more so his recent sobriety from drinking has enthralled him into his work, and he has hosted a variety of web series and online podcast shows like “Red Eye” and his web series with Yahoo called “Mansome,” which “teaches guys how to do regular man stuff like cook ribs and play the drums.”

The Student Union Board, which booked Soder to perform, has picked performers of different styles to come to Iowa State. Winston Stalvey, junior in marketing, had a hand in choosing Soder to perform for the university.

We like to have a very welcoming atmosphere to both aspiring comedians and comedy enthusiasts,” Stalvey said. “When we are able to we also have current students and aspiring comedians open for these nationally known acts that we bring throughout the semester. So we try to be as open and welcoming as we can when it comes to these shows.”

With 2014 quickly approaching, Soder hopes to simply become a better comedian. He indicated his interest in returning to Conan O’Brien and getting out on the road for a tour as well as working on a whole new hours worth of material for 2015. Soder is on Twitter, and for more in-depth commentary, fans can check out the comedy podcast run by Robert Kelly, “You Know What Dude.” Catch Soder on Nov. 14 at the M-Shop.