Show Review: “Alpha House”


The highly-anticipated political comedy series, “Alpha House,” is now available exclusively through’s video streaming service. It is the first of five exclusive shows to premiere on Amazon Instant Video.

The show features a pretty impressive group of stars, including John Goodman as Gil John Biggs, Clark Johnson as Robert Bettencourt, Matt Malloy as Louis Laffer, and Mark Consuelos as Andy Guzman. Together, these four U.S. senators share a rental home in Washington D.C.

As U.S. Senators, you would expect this group to act highly professional. Instead, the show portrays them as foul-mouthed individuals who like to drink and have fun at any expense. They are a very foolish group of politicians, and it seems like they have no idea what they are doing in their line of work.

The show follows the senators as they face a variety of situations and problems, including how to campaign for re-election, facing their political opponents and even dealing with problems they face from living together.

I enjoyed the show, but I did not think it was anything special. I came in with high expectations for this show, but it did not deliver. The plot seems somewhat unorganized, and I did not feel like there was much to it.

The cast is great and the show has great potential. Maybe over time it will develop into a higher quality show. We will have to wait and see. There are parts that I really did enjoy, though, and I had a good amount of laughs. It is worth watching.

New episodes are available each Friday. The first three episodes are available free of charge to everyone. After that, you will need an Amazon Prime subscription to watch newer episodes.