Album Review: ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’

Devin Wilmott

Eminem released his eighth studio album on Nov. 5. “The Marshall Mathers LP 2″ is more than just a statement of saying “We’re still here” to the world, but the album is also a reminder to the industry that Eminem will always have a firm legacy behind him.

MMLP2 is harsh. It is not an album you want to listen to on an empty stomach. Not only does Mathers present his unique hard-spoken voice throughout all 16 tracks, but he throws blades with words that speak louder than any voice can convey.  

Eminem lets down the “tough guy” persona we have seen in previous albums and finds peace with himself.  In “Headlights” we see him forgive and apologize to the mother he publicly ridiculed during his entire career. In “Bad Guy,” the albums opening track, we hear the announcement of Slim Shady’s metaphorical death and are greeted with the return of Marshall Mathers. 

 As far as comparing MMLP2 to Eminem’s previous albums, this is not my favorite. Although him pouring his heart out in various tracks has my great respect, I still do not believe this is the best he could do. 

The album is not pleasing to listen to straight through, which is something I look forward to when hearing a new album — especially one from Eminem. “Legacy,” “Headlights,” and “Monster” are all songs I favor from MMLP2 and can listen to on replay. There are many where I cannot listen to because I either feel yelled at, or someone is potentially being shot. The messages in all the songs are sentimental to Eminem — which is something I can relate to, but I wish he would have chosen a different way to share those messages. 

I would say that Eminem is losing his shine. Even though his fans can still hold onto the memory of what used to be — I do not foresee the old Eminem we once loved returning. More importantly, he was lyrically murdered by Kendrick Lamar on “Love Game”, thus symbolically showing the new school of Rap overtaking him. It would be harsh to say that Eminem is washed up, but at least he will always have a legacy behind him that will ensure he will do numbers.