Xbox One launches at midnight at Walmart, GameStop, Best Buy

Levi Castle

Following the launch of the PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One hit store shelves a week later to signify the final initiation to the next generation of gaming. All around Ames, many stores handled the launch the same as they did with the PS4.

Lines formed quickly and early, despite the cold and ice.

Both Walmarts (Grand and Duff avenues), Best Buy and GameStop had midnight launch events for the console.

While Target had no such release, the store will have the console in stock on the Friday it is released. Target opens at 8 a.m. on weekdays.

On the night of the PS4 launch, Grand Avenue’s Walmart had four PS4s in stock. The same is true for the Xbox One launch, with four consoles available for those with preorder tickets who are first in line (though if those people do not show up, the consoles are available to everyone else).

Duff Avenue’s Walmart Supercenter, however, had more Xbox Ones in stock than its counterpart. The store saw people begin to line up at around 9 p.m.

Best Buy repeated what it did for the last launch, in that their doors opened at 12:01 to the line of eager customers. Ten people were already lined up at 5 p.m., with that number more than doubling later in the evening.

GameStop incorporated their usual system of allowing people to get their numbers before launch, ranging from the first preorder to the last. A few minutes before midnight, these numbers (printed on receipts) signify the order that customers line up to receive their consoles from behind the counter. For anyone who did not preorder and still wanted the console were unable to get a console due to them being for reserved copies only.

Ethan Carlson, major in animal science at Iowa State, has been an Xbox fan since the days of “Halo 2.” Carlson picked up “Ryse: Son of Rome” and “Battlefield 4” as his launch titles for his new console.

“The fact that you can go through TV … just overall, it’s got entertainment value. Plus ‘Halo,’ which I really enjoy,” Carlson said.

Despite having class the following day Friday, Carlson said he planned on getting no sleep on launch night.

“I will definitely spend most of my break playing,” Carlson said.

Alyssa Peterson and Alicia Ramirez were at the GameStop launch with their significant others.

Peterson, junior in performing arts at Iowa State, has been an Xbox fan since the release of the Xbox 360.

“I haven’t yet decided if it’s better than the PS4,” Peterson said. “I do enjoy how when downloading games you don’t have to wait for the whole thing to be downloaded; you can just play right away. Which is good, because sometimes it can take a whole day for a game to download.”

Ramirez said she was all about the new games.

“I like that you can easily switch from TV to your game. The graphics are going to be a lot nicer. I’m really excited to see ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts.’ There are new parts of the campaign for the Xbox One, and so I’m excited to see that,” Ramirez said.

The process at GameStop was akin to an assembly line when midnight struck. Those standing in line would pick up their games, their already-bagged console and any other accessories, and walk out the door.