TV Review: ‘Betas’ on

Jordan.Mains.Com’s new original series “Betas” is now available for steaming on Amazon Instant Video. Prepare yourself for gut-busting laughter because there is plenty of it in this series.  It stars Joe Dinicol, Karan Soni, Jon Daly and Charlie Saxton.

“Betas” is a show that is about a group of guys (Trey, Nash, Hobbes and Mitchell) who are trying to make it big in the world of smartphone apps. The guys are convinced that they have an idea for the next big app that every user wants, but first they need to find someone who is willing to invest in their project in order to make it a reality. Their app, called “BRB,” is designed to help you meet strangers around you who you will be compatible with, whether it is just friends or dating.

A couple guys from the group, Trey and Mitchell, have a plan to crash a party hosted by a man who can make their dreams a reality. The man’s name is George Murchison, A.K.A. “Murch.” At first, Murch is not impressed with the app, but when he discovers it actually worked, he is all for it. Along the way, the guys meet a girl named Mikki, who happens to be a marketing specialist. Mikki decides she wants in on the project, and agrees to use her marketing knowledge to get the word out there. 

I was very impressed with this show. It is humorous, and it is also quirky and original. Its geeky humor is comparable to that which you would find in “The Big Bang Theory.” The only difference is that this show is more crude, obscene and sometimes sexual. This is definitely a series that Amazon needed in order to compete with Netflix in the world of video streaming services.

It was hard to find anything that I truly disliked about the show. If there is one thing that could make this show a little bit better, I would say that they could dumb down the humor just a little bit. There are some jokes in the series that are hard to understand unless you actually know what exactly they’re talking about. But overall, I have loved it so far and can’t wait for future episodes.

The first three episodes are available for free on Going beyond episode three requires a subscription to Amazon Prime. New episodes are made available each Friday on