Drag Show at DG’s Tap House fills gap in Ames’ entertainment scene

Cole Komma

In addition to the ghosts and goblins of Halloween, the drag queens at DG’s Tap House will be giving out much more than tricks and treats. DG’s Tap House Drag Show will begin at 9 p.m. and will feature drag kings, queens, burlesque dancers and bands for free.

DG’s monthly drag show was created earlier this year in February. Nate Logsdon, manager at DG’s Tap House, said it was created to fill a gap in the entertainment of the Ames community.

“There wasn’t another regular drag show in Ames, and we realized that this community was being underserved, ” Logsdon said. “Drag shows are amazing entertainment and there is a great crowd for these kind of shows in Ames.”

Logsdon himself has been seen in drag on multiple occasions and has even bartended in drag. The idea of drag and its performance has always fascinated Logsdon.

“I’ve always loved drag. I’m very attracted to performers who blend gender lines or are in some way ‘queer,’ ” Logsdon said. “When I first started incorporating drag into my own performances, I felt a tremendous jolt of energy and self-confidence.”

The addition of DG’s Drag Show correlates with the growing acceptance of drag in popular culture. Adrien Daller, singer of local band, Trouble Lights, is pleased to see the drag culture being more accepted.

“The scene I’m the most inspired by artistically are the drag queens and the drag scene,” Daller said. “Iowa actually has a really impressive drag scene. There are a lot of awesome gay bars in Des Moines that do regular drag shows. … I really like things that are confusing sexually, in terms of an artistic thing to explore. I like coming across as androgynous; I like to mix it up.”