Dead In Tombstone Review

Jordan Mains

“Dead in Tombstone” is an action-horror movie that takes place in the Old West. It is a straight-to-video film that stars Danny Trejo, Mickey Rourke and Anthony Michael Hall.

In the film, a gang of outlaws led by a man named Guerrero (Trejo) plots to invade a distant small town. The gang has gotten word that the town has recently discovered that they were sitting on a gold mine, which the gang is interested in taking.

Since the gold was not very secured by the townspeople, they are able to easily take it for themselves. As soon as they have everything loaded up in their wagon and are ready to hit the road, Guerrero’s brother, Red, has a different plan in mind to stay behind and take the town for his own.

The rest of the gang sides with Red in the decision to stay, betraying their leader Guerrero. They then shoot him dead.  Red claims the town and declares himself mayor, renaming the town “Tombstone.”

After death, it appears Guerrero will spend the rest of eternity in the fiery depths of hell. Sick of being tortured, he decides to strike a deal with the devil (Rourke). He bargains to bring back the souls of the six men that betrayed him. The devil agrees to the offer, but gives Guerrero only 24 hours to fulfill his end of the deal.

The movie is very action-packed, which is great since it is an action film. They also make great use of special effects. If you like gunfire, explosions, and violence, this is a great movie for you to pick up. If your stomach does not take well to violence, be wary because there is a good amount in this movie. I would not exactly label this a horror film because it’s not exactly horrifying. The movie is creepy at times, nonetheless.

While the action and effects are all great, the storyline is rather bland. I didn’t think it was anything special. The ending was also mediocre. I did feel that what was lacking in plot was made up in the other areas, however. It’s probably one of the better straight-to-video movies out there. It’s worth the watch if you are into the Western era.