Album Review: ‘Dayshell’

Celeste Welshhons

Shayley Bourget, former bassist, rhythm guitarist and clean vocalist of metal core band Of Mice and Men, is officially back on his feet.

In February 2012, Bourget announced his permanent departure from Of Mice and Men due to an array of personal issues including severe depression and alcoholism. A relatively short time after his departure, he, along with drummer Raul Martinez and bassist Jordan Wooley, started a new project by the name of Dayshell.

Less than two years after Bourget discontinued working with Of Mice and Men, Dayshell released their self-titled debut album. As opposed to Of Mice and Men’s metal core style, Dayshell is considered by the band to be “fresh metal.”

You do not have to be a metal core fan to love this album. The vocals are the centerpiece of every song —  a brilliant decision, in my opinion. Seeing as how Bourget was a clean vocalist for Of Mice and Men, it is to be expected that the dirty vocals are kept to a minimum.

However, they are in there, and they are very well-placed. The song “I Owe You Nothing” is by far the best example of Bourget’s ability to deliver gut-wrenching dirty vocals. The song is heavy-hitting almost from beginning to end with sporadic outbursts of raw emotion.

The most addictive song on the album is the lead single, “Share With Me.” The melody in the chorus is just beautiful. The lyrics in the chorus are also simple and easy to remember, which will make you want to sing your heart out. If you actually delve into the lyrics, however, they are Bourget’s outlet for some of the things that were destroying him.

Another must-listen is “Hail to the Queen.” This song exemplifies everything this album is really about. The vocals are at the forefront with all of the instruments blending in smoothly behind. The beat is irresistible and will have you tapping your toes in no time. The song gets more emotionally involved as it progresses, which is exactly how this type of song should be done.

Dayshell is going to become something big, and Shayley Bourget will not be regretting his major decision to leave Of Mice and Men in order to figure out the direction he wants to go with his life.