Student starts up Electronic Music Production Club

Devon Jefferson

Whether it is Kanye West’s album “Yeezus” or Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” the major element that sticks out with these albums are their electronic music production roots. Billboard smashing artists like Nicki Minaj or Nine Inch Nails employ heavy electronic and house music production methods to create a particularly dance infused genre of music that is spreading with incredible popularity. Electronic music festivals like The Electric Daisy Carnival as well has added onto the popularity of the genre.

The popularity and following of electronic music in the music industry and entertainment industry as a whole is gaining massive numbers. Thats why Anthony Bader, junior in advertising, decided to start up the Electronic Music Production Club at Iowa state.

“I was actually surprised when I saw that the school didn’t have a club for electronic music so I decided  I would make one myself,” said Bader the EMP Club President.

For Bader, the journey into electronic music production started with private instructional guitar lessons. His instructor introduced him to Logic 10, a highly popular musical production program platform where he went for electronic.

“I was always interested in techno music but it wasn’t until Skrillex and Deadmau5 got big that I realized, wow. I can make this myself on my computer and it’s every part of the band in one,” Bader said.

“The club is for producers to come and collaborate and for people to learn more about electronic music production but also I want to bring people and build a support system for producers,” Bader said. 

The club is currently working on securing slots at the Maintenance Shop for club performances as well as a weekly electronic music night.The club has a Facebook page, and the email for the group as well as membership inquires is, [email protected] first official club meeting will be Monday, Oct. 28, in 056 Music Hall.