Cyclone Hockey dominates Waldorf 6-0


Several Cyclone Hockey players watch as the team plays in the ACHA National Tournament on March 27. Iowa State fell in the championship game.

Nash Vanbibber

Cyclone Hockey faced the Waldorf Warriors on Friday, with the Cyclones defeating the Warriors 6-0.

The Cyclones dominated the puck during their home outing. The newcomers shined including Matty Moran, Payton McSharry, Ray Zimmerman and Stuart Pearson. A few familiar faces also helped secure the Cyclones to victory including C.J. Banter and Dylan Goggin.

Junior Nikate Kozak played goalie for the team and allowed nothing from the Warriors.

The Cyclones came out swinging in the first period, scoring their first goal in 15 seconds. The quick score was by Moran. Moran was assisted by Goggin and McSharry.

McSharry scored his first goal as a Cyclone sneaking it in past the Warrior goalie. Only 30 seconds later, Zimmerman scored another goal for the Cyclones. At the end of the first period the Cyclones had thirteen shots and the Warriors only had five.

The Cyclones again came out swinging in the second period, scoring in the first four minutes. Newcomer Stuart Pearson put it in for the Cyclones.

The Cyclones secured another goal in the start of the third period scoring in the first four minutes. Sophomore C.J. Banser was the first returner to score for the Cyclones.

At the seven-minute mark of the last period team captain Dylan Goggin scored for the Cyclones and he was assisted by Ramsey.

The Cyclone Hockey team will travel to Albert Lea to face the Warriors all over again on Saturday at 7:00 p.m.