Student juggler wins Asian Idol 2013

Patty Clark

The Great Hall was lit up with cellphone lights on Sunday, Oct. 13, with the Asian Idol hosted by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Asian Idol is a dancing and singing competition, which brings Asian students together to communicate with each other and other organizations.

The event had approximately 400 students and nonstudents in attendance.

Those competing were split into two groups, A and B, with five teams in each group. Then three final teams are picked within each group to compete as finalists and each team is judged by a panel of three judges.  

Zi Lang, also known as Felix, was dubbed winner at Asian Idol.

Lang, a junior in finance from Malaysia, competed with traditional juggling. He began traditional juggling about four or five years ago.

“I stopped for a year and a half then started back up again when I heard about Asian Idol. I had to polish up my skills,” Lang said. “I didn’t expect to win because I had stopped for that year and a half; but it was so awesome.”

Asian Idol is not the only competition that Lang has participated in.

He won the 2012 Sunshine Boy Championship in Malaysia doing his traditional juggling.

“I won overall; the competition tested communication skills, performance and talent,” Lang said.

Lang said he would like to compete in Asian Idol again.

“Maybe, if there is another chance,” Lang said.

Lang will continue traditional juggling as a hobby no matter what.

The co-sponsors of Asian Idol are Association of Malaysia Students at ISU, Korean Student Association, Indonesia Student Association, Japanese Association and the Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition.