Album Review: ‘You Belong Here’ by Leagues

Emily Belloma

Leagues is a fairly new band in the indie-rock community. They self-released their debut album in January and it is quirky and fun. Its toe-tapping tendencies will make you want to see them on Oct. 8 when they perform at the Maintenance Shop.

Leagues is a Nashville-based trio constructed of lead singer Thad Cockrell, guitarist Tyler Burkum, and drummer Jeremy Lutito. They were brought together by a series of varied coincidences and set out to create something “different.” They are not the stereotypical twentysomethings with guitars; they have wives, children and responsibilities. They took a major risk by diving head-first into their new music career.

The album starts off with “Spotlight,” a catchy and upbeat tune that sets a great tone for the rest of the album. It grabs your attention right away, leaving you eager to hear what else these guys have to offer.

The electric thump of many of their other songs keeps their music interesting and makes it easy to listen to. Most of their songs are upbeat, but they mix it up by throwing in a couple of ballads. “Friendly Fire” is the ballad that brings the album to a close. It stands apart from the rest of the album because of its incorporation of the piano. Their songs are generally about love, desire and affection.

The album is good, but if they created something “different” is questionable, and their repetitive lyrics can, at times, be tiring.

This album may make you want to dance, or you could find it incredibly relaxing. Either way, it is entertaining and is definitely worth checking out.